Vulnerability isn’t for Suckers, Fear is
He Told Me I was Wearing Porn Star Shoes: The Truth About Sexual Harassment In Tech

Faith Perry
Twenty-Something splitting time between the East Coast and West. Lover of faux fur jackets, macaroons, and bad reality TV. Willing to tragically overshare in the name of journalism.

An Honest Review of Rent The Runway With A Coupon Code!
Thoughts on Kurbo by Weight Watchers

Thoughts on Kurbo by Weight Watchers

Diet culture, especially when marketed towards children, is not solving a weight problem, but rather, its most likely creating one. When kids have access to and are even encouraged to start tracking what they eat in a system that moralizes food and links success, health, and well-being to those in smaller bodies, we are creating more problems than we are solving.
Celebrate CT Summer Soirée

Celebrate CT Summer Soirée

Darien, CT
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