An Honest Review of Rent The Runway With A Coupon Code!

*Keep reading until the end for the coupon code*

I love fashion, and I always have. When I was a child I would riffle through the community costume box and adorn my myself in fuchsia, chartreuse, and lavender boas. I would slip on sequin tube tops and shimmy into gold lame bell bottoms. I liked things loud, colorful, and completely over the top. Take a look at my feed, and you’ll notice that not much has changed. These days I know sequins with lame are a no-no, but my love for fashion is not lost, and if anything, it has been amplified all thanks to Rent The Runway.

My first experience with RTR was in high school. I wore a beautiful Rebecca Taylor midnight sequin gown to Senior prom that twinkled under the strobe lights.  You’ll notice in the photos that my spray tan, made me look like a tangerine but other than that I had the best time dancing to Kesha and eating mediocre risotto at a table filled with rental tuxes and teenage girls who spent hundreds on a dress they would only wear once.

In loveeee with this heart dress from For love & Lemons

Flash forward to last August when I came to the realization that my closet was full of things I didn’t want to wear. The even more tragic conclusion: I didn’t have the cash flow to afford a new wardrobe. I pondered buying a bunch of stuff at Zara, and while I do occasionally find things there that I love (my pink power suit is AMAZING) fast fashion isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, timeless, or built to last. I was also grappling with the fact that it costs $15 to dry clean a dress, and considering most beautiful clothes don’t seem to be machine washable, the cost of an item is not just the ticket price, but the price to launder it. 

This IRO jacket is perfect for office to drinks
I love myself a daring neckline and this maxi is perfect!

It’s full year later,  and 5 days a week I’m wearing something rented. I don’t have to worry about dry cleaning, or shipping and return fees, and the best part is- it makes fashion fun again. When picking out pieces on RTR I don’t have to look at a price tag. I don’t have to think if something is practical, or how many uses I’m going to get out of it. If I’m going out with my friends on a Friday I can rent the Cinq à Sept cocktail dress and feel fabulous for the night. If I have an interview I can rent a Rebecca Taylor blouse, or a Milly suit, and walk into the room feeling like I own the place. And if I really really love something I can either buy it at a discounted price, or I can rent it again next week, next month, or whenever I want! 

Rent The Runway has given me freedom. It has given me the ability to wear whatever I want, whenever I want it, for a very reasonable price. When the RTR Press relations team reached out to me I could not have been more ecstatic. This is a woman-run company, that recently just reached unicorn status (billion-dollar company bae-bae!) and I’ve been an unlimited member for a year now, so what better way to celebrate this anniversary than to share a MAJOR coupon code with all of you!!

rainbow, comfy, and cute? YES PLEASE!
These shorts and this top are such a win for hot summer days!
When you wanna be extra!

I understand that there will be some skeptics. The idea of renting clothes doesn’t always sit well with everyone, and for that reason I’ve answered some questions y’all have!

Is it worth it to rent or buy?

I think it varies for different people. Some people enjoy consuming fast fashion, or they don’t mind wearing the same pieces of clothing over and over again. while I can’t speak on behalf of everyone I can confidently say that most women don’t want to wear the same blazer to every meeting, and that none of us would be opposed to making sustainable switches. I’m not saying you should never buy anything again- in fact I encourage people to invest in classics and/or basics that are good quality and will last! However, fast fashion isn’t sustainable for our wallets or the environment. It encourages people to consume items that are not well made, and therefore will fall apart quickly. Also, variety is fun! I like having a never ending supply of new things to wear, and knowing I can wear trendy designer pieces without buyers remorse. 

How long can you keep the items for?

This one is completely up to you! Unlimited is a subscription meaning it renews every month. Say for example you rent a leather jacket ( and you love it and know you’ll wear it a lot. You can keep it for the whole month, and as long as you don’t cancel your subscription you can keep it for as long as you keep paying your monthly membership fee. That being said you can also swap out super quickly. Considering I’m always creating content sometimes I get a piece on my doorstep in the morning, shoot it, and then drop it off at UPS that night.

a blazer with a sweatshirt insert?? thank you Veronica Beard!
Is it fall yet? with this dress it sure as hell is!

How does shipping work? Do I have to pay for it?

Nope! RTR handles the costs of shipping, returns, dry cleaning, and any busted zippers, stains, or other accidents that are bound to happen in everyday life( I’ve literally spilled enchilada all over A $600 ALC dress and was never fined!). When you receive your package it will be in a black cloth zip close bag. You’ll notice there is a clear plastic cover where your shipping label resides. If you unzip the black bag you’ll notice a mesh pocket and that is where your return label is. So when you’re ready to swap out your items for some new ones just put the clothes in the bag, zip it up, and put the return label in the clear plastic cover and you’re good to go!

What if something doesn’t fit?

This is a great question, and something I definitely was worried about too! However, RTR has a great AI system that learns from you! When you sign up you enter your measurements, weight and usual sizes. When you find an item you like they will recommend whatever size their software believes will fit best. Additionally, after you return every piece RTR makes you answer a few quick questions about how a piece fit. This helps the software keep learning from you and it becomes absurdly accurate over time!! 

You can also read reviews from other renters ( that sometimes have photos too) and see if it fit them, and see if their measurements match your own so you can get a good idea of how it will fit and what it will look like. 

How much does it cost? 

Usually unlimited is $179 a month but with this special coupon code it will be $79 for your first two months! What a steal right? Internally tally how much you spend at Zara on a monthly basis or on your dry cleaning and I promise it is worth it!



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