Vulnerability isn’t for Suckers, Fear is

I hate vulnerability. The thought of it literally makes we want to upchuck the shrimp salad I just had for lunch and lock myself in my room until I run out of La Croix and potato chips and therefore have…

He Told Me I was Wearing Porn Star Shoes: The Truth About …

When I first started writing this article I thought I knew what it would be. I wanted to create a patchwork quilt of sorts; an interwoven narrative of creepy comments, longing leers and inappropriate advances made by tech bros to…


Faith Perry
Twenty-Something splitting time between the East Coast and West. Lover of faux fur jackets, macaroons, and bad reality TV. Willing to tragically overshare in the name of journalism.

An Honest Review of Rent The Runway With A Coupon Code!

*Keep reading until the end for the coupon code* I love fashion, and I always have. When I was a child I would riffle through the community costume box and adorn my myself in fuchsia, chartreuse, and lavender boas. I…

Thoughts on Kurbo by Weight Watchers

I was 12 when I went on Weight Watchers for the first time. I remember it was December right before the Middle School Holiday dance, and I was so excited to find a dress. I was in that tween stage…

Diet culture, especially when marketed towards children, is not solving a weight problem, but rather, its most likely creating one. When kids have access to and are even encouraged to start tracking what they eat in a system that moralizes food and links success, health, and well-being to those in smaller bodies, we are creating more problems than we are solving.
Darien, CT

Celebrate CT Summer Soirée

A Night to Remember at 2265 Post Road Darien CT with Book and Co. Real Estate and William Raveis, and other amazing local businesses When Helen and I sat down for lunch on a rainy Monday in June neither one…

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Los Angeles

I’m Not Your Luggage Rack

I’m not looking for a project. There–I said it. I’ll probably receive some kind of backlash for that brutally honest statement but it’s true. I’m not interested in dating a guy who has more baggage than a family of four…

Los Angeles

Confessions of a Lonely Twenty-Something

I am living within a mile radius of thousands of people between the ages of 18 and 22. I am in classes with people who share my interests, I am in clubs with people who share my passions, I eat…

Los Angeles

Courting or Coercion​?

All these tales, while different, follow a similar scaffolding: Boy likes Girl, Girl doesn’t like Boy, Boy eventually convinces her otherwise. They ride off into the sunset on a moped, or a bike, or if we’re in the deep south a vintage pickup truck, usually the type without seatbelts.

Los Angeles

“She’s Just So Desperate”

Considering dating is about fostering human connection, I find it a little off-putting to think young people are taught to view a relationship as a competition, with the winner only having won if they have successfully projected an image of indifference and the loser having lost for displaying mere interest in forming some sort of connection. Let me be upfront here and say it: this is stupid.

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